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Trust the team, not the numbers. Inspired by Ron Jeffries blog on metrics in #softwaredevelopment and #agile in particular: [link]

Metrics can be evil. Do not measure your team, trust your team.

Just to pick one of the metrics Ron discusses in detail: never ever measure your teams performance by looking at the velocity. The soon you establish velocity as an official metric, people will start to cheat by using the “techniques” described in Ron’s post (such as estimating more story points).

From my very own experience: what is the alternative ? It’s simple: Do not use velocity at all. In general: do not measure your team at all.

But how do teams know if they are not over-committed ? Trust me, they will know … they look each other in the eyes, trust their experience and say: “ok, we will commit ourself to this point”. Without any magical numbers guiding their way.

That’s the true benefit of agile development: you’ll learn to trust your team, not the numbers.

If not, you get “crappy agile” how Ron calls it.

Thanks to @RonJeffries for the thought-inspiration.
Please check out his post on http://ronjeffries.com/articles/016-03/you-want/

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